Leasing a new Subaru is a great way to give yourself greater financial flexibility when shopping for a car. When you lease a brand-new car Colonial Subaru in Danbury, CT, you get to enjoy driving it for the duration of the leasing period, the length of which can vary but which usually lasts between 24 and 48 months. At the end of the leasing period, you return the Subaru to our dealership. What happens then? Well, here are your options.

Trade it In for a New Subaru

Brewster, NY, drivers who love driving a brand-new Subaru might want to consider trading in their vehicle and leasing a new one. This method lets you drive brand-new Subaru vehicles every few years, letting you enjoy the prime years of the vehicle's performance before getting a brand new vehicle.

Purchase Your Vehicle

If you are satisfied with your current Subaru and you don't want to stop driving it around Norwalk, then you can just buy it outright. After you purchase the vehicle, you are no longer leasing it: it belongs to you!

Extend Your Lease

If you want to take some more time to decide whether you want to keep your current vehicle permanently or trade it in, you can get a one-time, six-month extension on your lease. Take this time to weigh your options and decide which is the best one for you.

Visit Colonial Subaru and Lease a New Vehicle Today

If you are interested in driving a Subaru and you think leasing is the right option for you, then you should stop by our dealership, which is located 27 minutes from Waterbury. If you have any questions about leasing a vehicle, the specialists at our Finance Center will be happy to answer them. To find out more about leasing a brand-new Subaru, contact us today!

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