Show Off Your Passions with a Subaru Badge of Ownership

Sharing the love is a huge part of the Subaru experience, so Subaru makes it easy for you to share your passions with the Subaru Badge of Ownership. What is the Subaru Badge of Ownership? It's a small reflection of who you are and what you love in the form of a stylish badge that you can stick to your Subaru! With this badge, you can celebrate the things you care about and let others in on your interests. Do you love camping? Kayaking? Music? Animals? Tell the world when you go adventuring with your Subaru!

Build Your Badge


How to Get a Subaru Badge of Ownership

You can build your badge online and customize it to show off your interests. Take your time putting together your badge. When you're ready, all you have to do is enter some shipping information and enter your Subaru vehicle's VIN. These badges are a gift from Subaru to you as a way to thank you for being a part of the Subaru family, so you don't even have to worry about the cost.

Customize Your Badge

The fun part is putting together your personalized badge. To start, you can choose the number of Subaru models that you've had. Is this your first Subaru? Are you a lifelong Subaru fan who has driven more than ten Subaru models over the years? Do you fall somewhere in between? You can let others know with your Loyalty Number, which plainly shows how many Subaru models you've owned and is sure to be a conversation starter with other Subaru lovers.

Next, you can choose up to five Lifestyle Icons. This is where you can let your personality shine by selecting icons that express your hobbies and personal interests. It's a fun little way to show off your passion for stargazing, road trips, hiking, or a vast selection of other things that move you.

Half the fun of driving a Subaru is sharing the love with others, and the Subaru Badge of Ownership is a simple way to put the spotlight on the things you're passionate about.


Applying the Badges

The Loyalty Number and Lifestyle Icons come with adhesive backing that allows you to apply them to your Subaru. Where will you put yours? If you decide to take them off, our team of experts at our Subaru service center can remove them for you.

All Subaru Drivers Can Get a Subaru Badge of Ownership

Whether your Subaru is brand-new, pre-owned, or something that has been standing proudly in your driveway for years, you can get a Badge of Ownership to add a little extra flair to your trusty Subaru. All you need to do is customize your badge and place your order. Subaru will send your gift to you within a handful of weeks.

So, if this is your first time hearing about the Subaru Badge of Ownership, don't worry! The opportunity hasn't passed. You can place your order whenever you're ready to add a little extra personality to your beloved Subaru.