What is Symmetrical AWD and How Does It Work?

It's our automaker's proprietary AWD system, standard on all new Subaru cars and SUVs here in Danbury except its sports coupe, Subaru BRZ, which offers rear-wheel drive. Sure, most other brands and models out there today may offer their own all-wheel drivetrain options, too, but ours is unique from the rest. Get to know what sets it apart here at Colonial Subaru.

For one, Subaru Symmetrical all-wheel drive is permanent versus mode-activated, always on, and proactive with traction versus "slip-then-grip," the character of other electronic AWD systems. Together with the legendary SUBARU BOXER engine, mounted "flat" with the drivetrain versus in-line, the system delivers power evenly to all wheels at once, prioritizing those with turning and pulling power. The result: balance, wheel slip reduction, faster handling response, both oversteer and understeer compensation, and thus, a dependable grip, both on the road and off the trail -- over harsh landscapes, through rain, over shallow water, and across snowdrifts.

The best thing about it, though, perhaps: its design. Subaru all-wheel drive is simpler than that of other automakers, with fewer moving parts. That means less -- and often less expensive -- maintenance.

Bring available active Subaru safety systems like EyeSight® into the mix, with its speed adaptation, lane management, and collision avoidance abilities. Consider the other Subaru hardware to help protect you and yours out there, such as electronic brake-force distribution and vehicle dynamics control. It's plain to see: whether you're headed across tough terrain out of Waterbury in an all-new Subaru Crosstrek, the latest Forester, or an Outback wagon, hitting the road through bad weather in the latest Legacy or Impreza sedan or hatchback, or pleasure-cruising in a new WRX sports car, you can count on a Subaru vehicle to provide peace of mind where other manufacturers can't.

Eager to get a firsthand feel for how AWD handles? You're welcome to visit us here at Colonial Subaru, 89 Newtown Road in Danbury, for a test drive, where you'll find an extensive selection of new Subaru models to choose from. We'll be happy to give you the balanced perspective!

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