Utilize this Technology for a Convenient Driving Experience

The SUBARU STARLINK ™ Multimedia allows you to use a variety of apps with your system. The home screen allows you to add your favorite apps by clicking the add shortcuts button.

Music and Radio

If you would like access to your favorite music, there are a few options. You can go into radio and dial to your desired station. To add the station, hold the touchscreen button below that isn’t assigned to a particular station and it will add it for you.

If you would like access to your music then click the orange media button. On the left you have options of which source, such as Bluetooth ® and aux, you would like to use. If you have different devices and different friends want to play music on your long car ride through the Danbury area, you can easily switch between phones.

Phone Access

The green phone button will allow you easy access to your phone. There you have options of whether you want to look at an overview, which tells you basic information like your battery percentage, or you can switch to favorites, recent, keypad, phone book or messaging.

The phone book will automatically sync your contacts over. The messages option will allow you to either play, view or reply to your texts. When you reply to a text, it will only allow you to choose between a set of pre-made messages. This is to ensure safety on the road.

Navigation App

Not every Subaru will come with this feature. The map is very responsive and lays out your path for you. It is responsive to zooming in and out, allowing you to be better able to find your destination. The menu button of this feature will allow you to set a destination.

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